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Project success starts with the community.

True resilience is achieved when community members are part of your planning, design, and decision-making processes.

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Tap into your community.

Irys helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of the people you’re serving.


Communicate directly with your community via mobile to easily collect user feedback.


Review data and insights from your community on a user-friendly dashboard to inform decisions in real-time.


Streamline your workflow with a working event calendar, DMs, and task management.

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Better process, better results.

Irys is helping community leaders to drive productivity and project success through seamless community engagement.


Effortlessly gain real-time feedback

With Irys, you can seamlessly ensure that all stakeholders and community members have a voice in project planning and decision-making, including socially vulnerable populations. The sleek, user-friendly interface enables you to engage the community and gather their feedback with ease so you can identify project planning gaps, solve the right problems, and reduce barriers to implementation.


Stay connected at a distance

Our digital platform helps you to stay closely connected with the people who need to have a voice in your project, without requiring face-to-face meetings or open houses. All members can easily join the conversation and stay in touch through their mobile devices. As a result, you can keep projects moving forward amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols, and beyond.


Reach a wider audience

Irys is unique in the technology it uses to motivate your audience to engage. We have integrated gamification elements that allow users to earn virtual and real world rewards in return for interacting with the app. It’s not only a place for communication and information but also makes community engagement a fun and interactive experience. This will help you to bring in a wider audience, resulting in more helpful data to guide your project.


Make informed decisions

By using Irys to create a highly collaborative and accessible environment, you gain an ongoing feedback loop that helps to keep your project in-tune with all the people it will impact. You can continuously gather project-related feedback as well as general insights on how to enhance the ecological, recreational, and economic resources in the community.


With Irys, there are multiple ways for you to get feedback.

  • You can conduct surveys to gain insight on specific issues.
  • Users can share feedback on project progress.
  • Users can provide input by specific location.
  • Users can send direct messages.


Access your analytics dashboard to review the data you collect.

  • View data and statistics of information collected from users.
  • View visualizations of data in map view.
  • Monitor trends of user app usage.

Task Management

Keep projects on track with tools to improve your workflow.

  • Assign tasks to individuals or departments.
  • Track the progress of tasks.
  • Get notifications to review tasks upon completion.

Irys benefits

Open up communication

Irys helps to relieve many of the frustrations that both project managers and community members are facing.

You gain

Gain the community inclusion you need to build the solution your audience wants.

Higher levels of community inclusion

Safe, socially-distanced means of communication

Streamlined workflow

Lower expenses

Close alignment with the needs of invested parties

You overcome

Gaps in knowledge about community needs.

Lack of formal internal workflow process.

Community members finding it difficult to communicate.

Community waiting in long queues.

The community not feeling like their needs are being met.

Unlock higher levels of effectivity.

Gain the community inclusion you need to build the solution your audience wants.

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