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State of Mexico

Irys developed a mobile application and Dashboard for the State of Mexico’s Bebes + Fuertes Program, an inclusive Initial Education program that recognizes children under three years of age subject to educational rights before entering school-based educational modalities. Irys developed a tool for the State of Mexico’s Department of Education to aid children and parents with the necessary information and resources at this crucial stage of child development.


Mexico has been a pioneer in early childhood care, where the first grade of preschool in the country is compulsory from the age of three. Early Childhood Education comprises the stage before school, therefore the ages of 0-3 in Mexico. The State of Mexico has been seeking to implement a program that would aid and address this crucial development stage for children and parents. Studies show that children from lower-income households are more susceptible to poor nutrition, less exposure to educational resources, and greater exposure to the stress caused by environments where there is economic deprivation, instability, or low social support.


The State of Mexico has launched the Bebes + Fuertes Program. This inclusive Initial Education program recognizes children under the age of three as educational rights subjects before entering school-based educational modalities. The Bebes + Fuertes mobile application developed by Irys is an educational tool that supports early childhood development. The app includes interactive educational materials for children focused on physical maturation and movement, language and communication, and play. The app also contains educational resources on parenting practices for adults. The program provides flexibility that accommodates both parents and children. Although similar to other health or care programs, B+B also promotes comprehensive nutrition and the observation of the child’s motor and cognitive development. Its focus is educational, by facilitating learning situations from early stages. The program bases itself on the principle of lifelong learning.

  1. Mobile Application
    1. Guiding and accompanying educational teachers, caregivers, and parents in raising children from zero to three years.
    2. For caregivers and parents to access information on the cognitive, physical, and linguistic development of minors.
    3. Access to readings, songs, information capsules, suggested activities, and knowledge tests.
    4. Monitor different components of the program’s implementation, such as understanding content by parents and caregivers, the regular operation of the program, and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries with the intervention.
    5. Link caregivers, teachers, fathers, mothers, and guardians in a single space, as co-responsible for minors’ care.
    6. Have a permanent point of contact between the educational authority and the users through the Program’s email.
    7. Access to information related to the programs, campaigns, and initiatives of the Government of the State of Mexico and other necessary ones that the Secretary of Education requires to publish.
  2. Dashboard
    1. To have control of the use of the mobile application, to consult and monitor the alerts that are generated
    2. Manage and control the information to be published and consulted in the mobile application.
    3. Manage and control the questionnaires that will be available for publication and consultation in the mobile application.
    4. Manage the information of the users registered in the system, as well as their permissions.
    5. View the leading indicators of the program.

In addition to being key to laying the foundations for quality education, Early Childhood Education is also central in the long term to reduce inequality gaps. To maintain a focus on inclusion and equity, the Bebes + Fuertes Program focuses on children from families with the most economic deprivation, those that are among the first seven income deciles.


Since Bebes + Fuertes’ launch, more than 600 families in the municipality of Lerma have started using and benefitting from this tool, and more than 1000 users have registered in the program. This program’s implementation has advanced healthy parenting practices, improved child development of children from 0 to 3, and increased the registration of 3-year-olds in preschool. The State of Mexico will implement Bebes + Fuertes statewide over the next four years.